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Dig Deep, Stand Tall

This is a personal development website for dreamers who dare to overcome. The messages here aren’t philosophising from an armchair—these insights, strategies, guidance, and advice were all birthed from a personal journey through addiction and depression. A journey that so profoundly connected me to my dreams. This is a site to help you reach it too. Through sharing what worked for me, asking you hard questions, challenging your beliefs, and delving into what it takes to grow—building a solid foundation can truly begin here. For those ready to dig deep so they can stand tall, I created this site for you.


Hayward Collaboration

Created by brothers Adrian and Al, the co-founders of Dig Deep, Stand Tall, Hayward is a songwriter collaboration putting experiences into music. Inspired by our life lessons, we wanted to share songs full of hope—just like the messages that fill this site and our books. Each song is produced using studio musicians and is an ever evolving, living process that we welcome feedback on at any time. So let us know what resonates with you, we’re all ears. If you’d like to be the first to know about any upcoming releases, do sign up to our email list.

Adrian Hayward

Adrian's heart is to encourage people to push the bounds of creativity so they can join the adventure of a lifetime. He views the whole of life in concepts and ideas. He hopes that sharing these will help you along your own journey to live the life of your dreams.

Al Hayward

Al is a teacher at heart. He thinks about life in terms of how to apply practical knowledge and wants to help you gain the skills you should have learnt in school.


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