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Thoroughly recommend
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Dig Deep, Stand Tall is full of truth told in such an honest and open way. It is full of hope displaying that your struggles in life can become your superpower. It will challenge everything you thought you knew and help you find your own new way. It takes great bravery and a lot of time to face this stuff but the payoff is immense. This book will change your life, if you have the courage to dig deep!
M. Hepburn - Amazon
A very honest book, born from experience
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I've been reading the free download but on the strength of that have just bought the book. Adrian Hayward clearly writes from a wealth of experience of many traumas which most of us never want to have. His account of getting his life together, despite all of that, and learning how to overcome the effects of his past are inspirational. I hope that many people read the book and are helped by it to follow in Adrian's footsteps.
B. KHATKAR - Amazon
Fantastic read
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Great book, highly recommend this, will change your life!
George - Verified Amazon Purchase
This book is an accessible, meaningful manual for real change
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This book represents the kind of guide to change that is refreshingly realistic and honest. The author wants you to get to the heart of the matter and the journey he takes you on is informed and well laid out. The author's honesty and tone, coupled with his real life challenges shared with integrity, seek to demonstrate an individual's rewarding message - learned the hard way - but freely shared. I really resonated with this book and I wholly recommend it!

Book Description

You’re tired of life not working.

You’ve given everything but nothing seems to stick.

You wonder, “Why can’t I make things happen”? I’m trying so hard”.

And that’s why you’re searching for books on how to be successful.

Well, you’ve found one that can help.

In this book, I’m going to show you:

  • How to look deep inside for the answers you’ve been missing so you know what choices to make
  • How to go through obstacles no matter how tough they seem
  • How to change forever the parts that have seemed completely stuck – like crippling fears, addictions, and trying to shed excess pounds

What You’ll Get:

  • An assessment of where your life is right now
  • A simple 10-year plan you can create in just a few hours
  • Wisdom and encouragement on how to dig deep so you can stand tall
  • Guidance + personal examples for every step in the process

This is a book about lasting change. About how to design your life, your way.

Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life. 

Click ‘Buy’ because now is your time to build a life worth living.

Editorial Review


This book is a self help transformation guidebook on how to overcome your ordeals like addiction, abuse, alcohol dependency and other issues against the backdrop of your everyday life. The author narrates his life struggles to enable the reader to visualize the almost horrifying issues that he overcame in order to finally hope to lead a successful life in the future.


A very honest, compelling and engaging style that invokes in you an inspirational feeling and a sense of hope to overcome challenges like drug addiction, abuse, alcohol dependency, mental and other issues. The protagonist is the author himself who describes the horrifying ordeals he went through and how he overcame them. He gives us confidence that we too can do the same, if we develop our willpower and focus on overcoming our issues as per the steps and guidelines outlined in the book.

The author has supplemented his practical advice with well researched links and sources that give further help and insight.

The overall theme and the message of this book is light and positive despite the dark experiences shared.

I liked the honest attempt at trying to explain extremely difficult and complex pitfalls of life that defy explanation, and especially the author’s great persistence and wisdom to finally overcome them and lead a successful life.


The book is a practical self-help transformation guide to a rich and accomplished life. The author shares his complex and difficult experiences, how he grew up facing abuse, drug addiction, mental illness, physical pain, and a host of other issues which many people do not face in their entire lifetimes. He also recounts how he had to live through an almost Sisyphean ordeal of relapsing into his former state many times till finally he overcomes them and is on the way to becoming more successful in life.

He demonstrates his passion to help other people overcome their dark ordeals by sharing his learnings through his book, blog and other media.

And yet he shares all this with us in a breezy, honest and easy style.

Dig Deep focuses on how to survive your dark moments in the trenches, how to stand tall after overcoming them, and finally how to avoid relapses. 

The author believes in the goodness of wealth that is inside each one of us – our individuality, inner direction and the intuition that guides us in our everyday life. A practical guidebook that stays with you all through your battles.

I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with their personal dark ordeals and is looking for an honest, courageous and permanent way to overcome them and lead a successful life.


-The International Review of Books Magazine


This process is all about structural integrity. And, whether your life thrives or collapses is all down to how sound your foundation is.

Everything achieved by effort must be maintained by effort.
And everything achieved at rest can be maintained at rest.

Never settle unless there’s something worth settling for.

One of my favourite things to say to myself is that “I can become someone who can....”. Right now, I may be overwhelmed by trauma, unable to sleep, fearful that I won’t actually finish this book. But, I can become someone who can overcome all those things. This focuses attention on the now and on continual progress rather than events and milestones.

Need more convicing?

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About the author

Adrian Hayward

Adrian Hayward is the author of Dig Deep, Stand Tall—a message of solidarity and a guide to self-transformation for those yearning for a rich, fulfilled life. He believes in the wealth that’s inside of us: our vital selves, our inner directions, and the intuition that guides us. Having overcome everything from abuse to addiction, homelessness, mental illness, and physical pain, he is passionate about sharing his learnings with anyone facing their dark moments. Adrian writes in a style that’s hopeful, challenging, honest, and inspirational—and his one goal: to help as many people as he can to experience the profoundness of living a life of their dreams.