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When Enough Is Enough & You're Seeking A Way to Overcome, Self-Discover, and Grow

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Lost, confused, deflated, and depressed…

Are these words that you feel have come to define you?

The saying that “life’s a struggle” is easy to say “true” to until you’re the one experiencing it. Life is hard, and so often we get stuck. You might feel like everything’s out of reach, that nothing works as planned, that after all you put in you’re just left burned out.

For you, struggling with life and yearning for a way out, I wrote Dig Deep, Stand Tall. It’s not a religious book—though it’s spiritual at its core—and it speaks to the human in you that knows:

  • There has to be more than this
  • You don’t have to settle for your current state
  • There’s a way to escape your darkness and pain.

And I’m here to say: please trust that there is. Let me show you how.

Self-Discovery isn’t Taught to Us—It’s Left Unspoken of, Uncared for, and Unsought

Life’s important skills are never taught to us—I had to discover that the hard way.

It took me over 20 years of learning, of seeking and stumbling, falling and failing.

But the hardest journey of my life was the most rewarding too.

I transformed a life of abuse, trauma, addiction, and illness into one that became beyond anything I could have dreamed. Dig Deep, Stand Tall is a book to share those lessons with you.

Explore, Learn & Grow, armed with the lessons I Learned The Hard Way (all revealed in my book)

Yes, life’s a struggle, but it can be an adventure too. My greatest desire is to show you a real way to get back control, to build a life that’s higher and wider than you could ever have imagined it. 

The yearnings in your heart are real—and my ultimate wish is to show you how they can come true. 

Building on metaphors that helped me through my own journey, this book will teach you how to create your own life, your own superstructure.

Let now be the time you let your dreams come true.