A Workbook For Dreamers Who Dare To Overcome

Self-discovery isn’t about motivational quotes or solemn promises—it’s about the little actions you do now, in this moment, to overcome and build the life of your dreams.

Anchoring You Inwards

How deep have you focused inwards? How honest have you been with yourself? It’s easy to say “I’ve done it” when no one’s keeping you accountable. If you have yet to delve into yourself: it can be a simple, but profound step on your path to self-discover. With this workbook, I invite you to deep dive inwards. Meet you—not the expectations, the false standards, the judgments, and labels that blur the reality of your authentic, vital self. And that’s where your true power lies. Beginning with a survey to guide you to your inner self, this fillable workbook has 26 points that will help you analyse yourself: from your feelings to your distractions, worries, wildest dreams, and inventions.

Propelling You Upwards

Analysing yourself is just the beginning. You’ve collected the data and now it’s time to build with it—and that calls for an action plan. A 1/5/10 year plan that details where you want to be in 10 years, 5 years, and a year from now is a simple but powerful framework. It lets you tune into your dream future, then break it all down into time-bound goals that build on each other, accumulating and evolving as you grow. And what that means over time: you take those real steps, your confidence grows, you start to learn skills that propel you upwards even more—that’s the self-discovery at the core of Dig Deep, Stand Tall.

Analyse Yourself, Plan Out Your Dreams—The Time Is Always ‘Now’ To Make The Changes You Crave

A life of fulfilment isn’t given to us—it’s something we have to struggle for, work through, and achieve. This is a workbook to break it down and make it a reality.