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  • Sent: 31/12/21
    Subject: FRIDAY SOUL FOOD 🍰: Possibility – like a drug that expands your mind and sets you free!

    Do you ever catch yourself believing that something you’ve dreamed is impossible?

    I know I do. Every day!

    “There are too many obstacles to overcome.”

    “I’m not qualified enough for this.”

    “I’ll never be good enough to…”…Read More

  • Sent: 24/12/21
    Subject: FRIDAY SOUL FOOD 🍰 May you have peace…

    Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, hard at work, or it’s just another weekend, may you have peace.

    Peace is hard to quantify, but we need it like we need air and water.

    Go without it for even a short time and stress can easily take over.

    And this time of year can be…Read More

  • Sent: 17/12/21
    Subject: Be kind to yourself

    When I first encountered the idea of being kind to myself, I laughed at it. It felt wrong and a little strange.

    Over time, I have seen how necessary it is and try to make it part of my daily routine.

    One of the best ways I’ve found of doing this is to accept something about myself that I wish w…Read More