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    Sent: 31/12/21
    Subject: FRIDAY SOUL FOOD 🍰: Possibility – like a drug that expands your mind and sets you free!

    Do you ever catch yourself believing that something you’ve dreamed is impossible?

    I know I do. Every day!

    “There are too many obstacles to overcome.”

    “I’m not qualified enough for this.”

    “I’ll never be good enough to…”

    This kind of impossibility-thinking is like molasses that gunks up the gears in your brain.

    You can no longer view it any other way because you are certain that you’re seeing correctly based on actual evidence.

    But impossibility is rarely reality.

    And something in you knows this.

    Deep down inside, you’ve never stopped hoping that you can have the life you always dreamed of.

    Making the switch from impossibility to possibility is one of the key steps in realising those wild dreams.

    Possibility is like a drug that expands your mind and enables you to see beyond your current experience.

    It takes that singular doom-and-gloom view and unleashes the hopeful potential within you so you can awaken to new and different options.

    It delimits your life and presents you with infinite potential outcomes.

    Powerful stuff!

    If you want to learn more about impossibility vs possibility, you can get my eBook – Dig Deep, Stand Tall, on offer at just 99p/99¢.

    Here’s a quote from Dig Deep, Stand Tall:

    “The thing is, playing it safe and denying your dreams leads to certainty. The certainty that things will stay the same and that everything you hope for remains a distant fantasy – a dream of the ‘pipe’ variety. Certainty is the enemy of possibility. So, if you want access to all the possibilities in the universe, you’ll need to take all the limits off.”

    Get Dig Deep, Stand Tall on offer:


    As we go into this weekend and a brand new year, open yourself up to the world (universe/multiverse) of possibility.

    Happy new year! 🥳